I have always loved stories. Narnia, Thornfield Hall, Avonlea, Middle-earth; you name it and I read it—probably under the covers with a flashlight after I was supposed to be asleep. Books have always had the ability to transport me to another world. They offer a front row seat to other people’s lives. Most important, they feed my introverted desire to learn about other humans without actually engaging with any humans.

When I got older the Internet cropped up. (Yes, I’m that old—I can remember a time before the Internet.) Suddenly ordinary people from all walks of life could share themselves with the world in just a few key strokes. Now instead of being under the covers with a book and flashlight, I was propped up in bed with my computer reading blogs on travel, culture, music, dating, and more.

Then I had a kid. It happened somewhat later in life than I expected, adding “mom” to my already long and diverse set of identities. Naturally, I sought the stories of others experiencing the same transition. It turns out that there are lots of mommy blogs. Many of them do a beautiful job of capturing the joyful chaos of motherhood.  Sometimes I want to read about this. Other times I want to read anything but. Becoming a mother has been the greatest gift of my life. It’s also only one piece of who I am and what I think about.

I realized I was searching for a blog that resonated with every part of me: the nerdy kid, the ansty teenage feminist, the wayward 20-something, the ambitious career woman, the writer, the traveler, the wife, and yes, the mother.  I couldn’t find that blog, so I wrote it.